About Us

Strengthen Community
Connection – Connecting people, ideas, and resources
Generosity – Having a generous spirit in our community
Endurance –  Creating an endowment that will leave an enduring legacy
Inclusion – A community where all people are respected and included

MISSION: To support resilience and self-reliance in Palmer and Matanuska Watershed communities now and into the future. 

VISION: We envision a bright and inclusive future for our region and work to address change and solve challenges. We celebrate our Alaskan life and honor our shared history and environmental heritage. We elevate our cultural, creative, spiritual, academic, and athletic practices through the promotion of lifelong learning, community service, philanthropy and economic prosperity.

OUR ORIGIN: Palmer Community Foundation was founded in 2017 as an affiliate of The Alaska Community Foundation (ACF). We are one of eleven communities across Alaska under the ACF umbrella. Each offers organizational infrastructure to grow and advance localized philanthropy and empower long-term, directed capacity building and improvement for our respective regions. 

WHO WE ARE: Palmer Community Foundation serves as a conduit to distribute charitable resources within our designated service region. Our foundation provides local residents and visitors with an organizational structure to invest economic resources, time and talent to help our area thrive. Serving greater Palmer, Butte, Sutton, Chickaloon, Glacier View, and Eureka/Tahneta Pass. We are committed to sustaining our communities and the Matanuska River watershed region as vital, healthy, and welcoming places for Alaskans to live, work, and play. 

OUR STRUCTURE: Our foundation is designed and established to build and promote individual, family, business, and community philanthropy. We are a recognized and secure economic infrastructure supported by The Alaska Community Foundation and Rasmuson Foundation – two long-established, nationally-recognized, philanthropic organizations dedicated to supporting the development of local community foundation infrastructure across Alaska. Our long-term regional investment strategy is aimed at enhancing the well-being and vitality of our citizens by pooling, generating, and equitably distribute funds to local nonprofits.

HOW WE GROW: Tax-deductible contributions to Palmer Community Foundation are a tangible investment in our region’s future and are managed and distributed for the meaningful benefit of Palmer and Matanuska Watershed communities. Donors can contribute to our grantmaking or operating endowments via direct donations or legacy gift which are professionally managed and protected by The Alaska Community Foundation.

Our affiliation with ACF makes us eligible to receive dollar-for-dollar matching funds toward our grantmaking and operating endowments. PCF relies on local donations to leverage these additional funds from Rasmuson Foundation and ACF to encourage local giving. 

HOW WE WORK: PCF awards competitive grants to eligible, local organizations, programs, and projects. We provide professional and community development trainings and educational opportunities. We gather and share research and resources related to community philanthropy and giving. Go to The Alaska Community Foundation for more information about Alaska’s community foundations and our affiliate peers.