Board Recruitment Matrix Workshop

In March of 2022 Palmer Community Foundation hosted a free workshop to help nonprofits build their board recruitment matrix. Mike Walsh, Vice President of Public Policy for The Foraker Group lead the group in how to create a board matrix specific to their organization and rooted in the core values and strategic goals.

This tool can help a board know “the right people at the right time” for board service. The goal of a board matrix is to create a diverse mix of board members who provide the wisdom and work to steward the organization’s goals toward excellence and mission impact.

A board recruitment matrix is not simply a generic list of characteristics, styles, and backgrounds. It should be specific and aligned to the core purpose and values of your organization. This workshop will provide guidance to build an effective board matrix to help your organization discover who you need in the board room to achieve your goals. The process will help clarify critical actions that need to be addressed based on your strategic and operating plan.

There are many advantages of a board matrix including the ability to recruit beyond the “usual prospects” in the community. Learn to review prospective board candidates through a standard process and recruit not just people with interest, but people who will work to achieve the goals of the organization.

Watch the Foraker Board Recruitment Matrix Workshop with Mike Walsh