Donor Spotlight: Bob & Carolyn Covington

Longtime Palmer area residents, Bob and Carolyn Covington treasure the Palmer area. The Covingtons spent their working years in education. Bob was principal of the Mat-Su Correspondence School, now Mat-Su Central, and Carolyn worked with vocational students in the local work-study program. Throughout the years, they volunteered in many community activities. Today, they are taking a less active role in the community but are generous donors to the Palmer Community Foundation. This is their way of doing “anything we can do,” to strengthen the Palmer story. For them, the uniqueness of a project that brought struggling Midwest farm families to this area set the stage for the Palmer of today.

For a while, Carolyn worked for Director of Agriculture, Roland Snodgrass, who told the stories of how his dad, M.D. Snodgrass set up experimental farms in Palmer, Fairbanks, Kenai, and Kodiak. Roland became known as the “father of Alaska agriculture,” and was instrumental in starting the local college. All of these stories solidified the Covington’s appreciation for Palmer’s past and promise. When they learned of PCF from an advisory board member, they signed up for a convenient monthly donation schedule. Carolyn noted, “We want to do anything we can do; even a small amount can make a difference.”

Bob and Carolyn support the ongoing mission of the Palmer Community Foundation, especially its goal to retain and build on the uniqueness of the Palmer Area. Thank you, Bob and Carolyn, for your ongoing donations.