Advisory Board Member Spotlight – Herb Bischoff

Herb Bischoff and his family immigrated to America in 1960. He and his wife, Jackie, moved to Alaska over 40 years ago. They built a cabin retreat in Chickaloon, and then ultimately decided to settle in Palmer. They chose Palmer not only for its natural beauty, but because the people are caring, engaging, and encourage a sense of belonging. Many of his family members still live in the area, including one of his two sons and his two granddaughter’s families.

“My family’s roots are in rural settings where people worked together, shared life experiences, and valued community involvement. In part, to continue that way of life, and because of the opportunities afforded to families, we chose to immigrate to America. That may be why I’ve always felt a personal responsibility to help contribute to my community’s well-being. What could be better than a place where residents care about each other? Palmer is a vibrant place with frequent events, fun and interesting places to visit, and ever-changing opportunities to do the things we love.

I’ve been retired now for a few years and wanted to be more involved and connected to our community. The Palmer Community Foundation seemed a perfect vehicle to do so. Its values are clear, its mission is focused, and it has broad support. It’s very appealing for someone like me who wants to see their community sustain its character as it evolves with the changing times. That’s why I participate on PCF’s Advisory Board. And, I haven’t been disappointed.

I’m proud of the work the Board is doing; laying the foundation of a sustainable resource for local community projects that promote well-being. And, an added benefit is that it’s fun! We do good work and there’s plenty more to be done. I’m happy to help contribute to the efforts of our local groups and organizations that support the well-being of our communities. Some of our grandkids chose to stay and maybe the great-grandkids will also choose to live here as adults.  By then, the Foundation will be an even-greater resource contributing to the betterment of their community.”