Raising Endowment Funds for Match Challenge ACF and Rasmuson Foundation Will Match Up to $185,000 through 2020

Palmer has a long and generous tradition of people helping people and being devoted to their community. Did you know your love for Palmer can continue to help the community after you are gone? Read more below to learn how you can continue to support the work and causes that are important to you.

Palmer Community Foundation (PCF), an Affiliate of The Alaska Community Foundation (ACF), fosters philanthropy by building a permanent endowment fund for the Palmer area. While local nonprofit charities directly address immediate needs, philanthropy is focused on long-term solutions. PCF does not compete with local nonprofits for funds; rather it supports the work of local nonprofits and the community through grants from permanent endowments. Your donation to an endowment at PCF is protected and grown, and the earnings are used in an ongoing, sustainable manner to support the causes you care about in the Palmer area.

PCF’s Advisory Board is comprised of local volunteers who live, work, and play in Palmer. They know and love the community, just like you. The funds raised in and for the Palmer area stay in the Palmer area, and are used to make lasting impact in this community. Positive impact may include areas of interest such as parks and trails, arts and culture, social services, educational scholarships, social justice, and other causes that Palmer area residents value.

Right now, Palmer Community Foundation has an incredible opportunity to raise up to $185,000 by receiving dollar-for-dollar matching funds from ACF and Rasmuson Foundation. Every dollar that is donated to PCF’s endowment fund or endowed operating fund before the end of 2020 will be matched. That means for a gift of $1, PCF receives $2! A gift of $10,000 will grow to $20,000!  A gift of any amount, up to $185,000, will be matched.

PCF is very appreciative of ACF and Rasmuson Foundation’s generosity through this matching opportunity. You are invited to be part of it, too! Together, we can make a greater impact with our charitable dollars than we could do individually. The PCF Advisory Board has annual goals to reach between now and the end of the match period, and you can help us reach the goals. Imagine what a significant impact your generosity will make in the Palmer community by contributing to the endowment fund and helping to create a legacy for generations to come.

We invite you to learn more about Palmer Community Foundation and The Alaska Community Foundation. We are here to help you make the impact you are seeking. Please visit The Alaska Community Foundation website at www.alaskacf.org, follow us on Facebook, send us an email at palmer@alaskacf.org, or call 1-855-336-6701 for a confidential consultation. We would to love to hear from you. How do you envision Palmer continuing to thrive now and into the future?